Dianoush Emami

California Electrical Engineer Dianoush Emami

A longtime resident of the greater Los Angeles area, Dianoush Emami holds a bachelor of science in electrical engineering and a business certificate from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles (UCLA). After graduating from UCLA in 1981, he gained employment with the Bechtel Power Corporation in Norwalk, California. Working on both overhead and underground electrical system infrastructure for both nuclear and conventional power generation, Dianoush Emami laid the foundation for an electrical engineering and administrative career that would include focuses on operational safety as well as quality assurance/control.

Today, Dianoush Emami continues to expand his expertise in electrical distribution and safety as an active member of the Distributed Generation Working Group and the Switchgear Committee of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. As a team leader and facilitator, he has contributed to creating and implementing site-specific safety programs for many power plant construction and environmental remediation projects.

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Dianoush Emami
Santa Ana, CA US